How To Guide: Pairing Smoke, Heat Alarms [In 6 steps]

Recommended by UK fire & rescue services, correctly installing your smoke & heat alarm pack by Firehawk is imperative for the safety of you, your family and your home. Following this step-by-step guide from Firehawk ensures you are connected properly in order to comply with regulations, and to be alerted of potential danger in advance. 

If you haven't purchased your alarms yet you can grab a kit here. Once you have your kit, please follow this 6-step guide below:

Step 1: Plug alarm into pattress

1.0 Plug alarm into pattress and switch on radio base, the pattress Led will flash green twice per second. If not, please complete step 6.0


Step 2: Assemble alarm

2.0 Bring alarm & radio base together then twist/slide to lock into place. Wait for smoke or heat alarm to beep twice and wait for the CO alarm to beep four times.


Step 3:  Pair two alarms

3.1 Place two alarms on the table spaced approximately 20cm apart

3.2 Press the test button on one alarm and wait three seconds

3.3 Press the test button on the other alarm

3.4 Watch carefully as both pattresses flash green and red

3.5 As soon as one flashes green only, move it to one side

3.6 The other pattress will continue to flash red/green until it beeps, then it will flash green (The CO will beep four times) the two alarms are now paired

3.7 There is now a 10 second window to allow another device to be added to the system step 4.0. If no other devices are to be added proceed to step 5.0


Step 4: Add additional alarms

4.1 To add additional alarms to the system, simply place the paired alarm that beeped (see section 3.6) approximately 20cm apart to an assembled alarm (see point 2.0) unpaired alarm

4.2 Firstly, press the test button on the paired alarm and wait three seconds

4.3 Then press the test button on the unpaired alarm

4.4 Repeat steps 3.4 to 3.6


Step 5: Ready for installation

5.1 When all alarms have been added to the system (smoke/heat alarm will beep once, CO alarms will beep four times) the pattresses will now continue to flash green

5.2 Once the pattresses have stopped flashing green and beeping, the alarms are now ready for installation

5.3 If any device fails to beep and flashes red, please reset all devices step 6.0 and repeat the pairing process

5.4 Assuming everything went to plan please now test each alarm in the system


Step 6: Device reset

6.1 To reset the pattress, remove the alarm device and press the black button. This will restore factory settings and unlearn all paired devices. The Led will flash red four times then begin to flash green as in step 1.0

6.2 Start again and repeat pairing process


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