Honeywell Home evohome Hot Water Kit:

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evohome Hot Water Kit:
Wireless cylinder thermostat, transceiver, vented and unvented cylinder insertion sensor and a Wireless Receiver box for control of the hot water zone valve

Once you pair the evohome Hot Water Kit to the the evohome Controller, the evohome Controller displays the actual temperature of the stored hot water on the main screen.

It also allows you to see the set hot water schedule and override the hot water instantly. Just the same as the heating, you can also control your hot water from you Smart Phone or Tablet using the Total Connect Comfort App.



  • Completely Wireless Cylinder Thermostat (CS92A) - can be added to any cylinder anywhere in your home without additional wiring
  • CS92A set and controlled by the evohome Controller
  • Can be fitted on new and existing systems. 
  • The CS92A is battery operated

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