Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Monitor

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This monitor records levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) and indicates if action is needed to improve air quality within your home.

The ambient temperature is displayed.

  • 230V mains rated
  • Live readouts for CO2 levels (PPM) and Temperature (oC)
  • CO2 readouts for 8 hour (average) and 24 hour (average and peak) periods
  • Traffic light system indicating CO2 levels and if improved
  • ventilation is required
  • Suitable for installation within a 1 gang 35mm deep flush
  • mounting back box
  • 2-year guarantee
  • Compliant with the Scottish Technical Handbook.

The Carbon Dioxide (CO²) Monitor displays the current Carbon Dioxide level in parts per million (ppm) and gives clear indication if increased ventilation is needed to improve air quality.
Poor air quality, particularly in continuously occupied and enclosed spaces, e.g. bedrooms, can lead to complaints of drowsiness and headaches.
The ppm threshold for the display changing from green to amber and red can be set by adjusting the DIP switches on the monitor (these settings are also detailed on the PCB):

Compliant with the Scottish Technical Handbook
Displays live readouts alternating between CO2 and temperature (oC) with CO2 logged over a 24 hour period; readings for 8 hour (average) and 24 hour (average and peak) provided along with a traffic light indication to meet the requirement for CO2 monitoring in domestic dwellings.

Easy Install
Fitting neatly within a 35mm flush back box and with a two part assembly, the monitor head can be easily clipped onto the mounting plate, allowing for installation after decorating is completed.

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