S&S Domestic Carbon Dioxide Detector

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Complies with Scottish Technical Handbook 2015: 3.14.2 Ventilation awareness in dwellings

The Merlin CO2 24hr AVG TFT by S&S Northern is a household Carbon Dioxide Monitoring System.
Provides a visual indication of the present CO2 Levels, Past 8 hours, 24 hours and the maximum recorded CO2 level in the 24hr period.
This sensor is designed to inform the occupant when action is required to improve ventilation conditions.

  • TFT Colour display providing live digital CO2 levels
  • The Screen changes colour on the increase and decrease of CO2 levels
  • Ambient light sensor changes screen brightness
  • Touch button to provide on/off screen control
  • 240v AC Mains Powered
  • Quick to install with no setup requirements
  • Integral terminal outputs to activate mechanical ventilation
  • 2 Year Warranty and Manufactured in Britain

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