FireAngel Combined Strobe & Vibrating Pad - Smart RF

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SKU: FS1552W2-T


  • Smart RF: Compatible with and activated by any Smart RF device
  • Mains powered with rechargeable battery back-up
  • Designed to provide additional protection to those with hearing loss, who may not hear the audible alarm from a smoke, heat or carbon monoxide alarm
  • The flashing strobe provides a visual warning for waking hours, while the vibrating pad may be placed under a pillow or mattress, and is suitable for waking someone to alert them when a smoke alarm sounds
  • Will activate if smoke or CO triggers any alarm in the network
  • Will detect and indicate a low battery warning from any smoke, heat or CO alarm within the network
  • Can be wall mounted or free-standing, offering flexibility in positioning
  • Enables low level testing of all interlinked products in the network, avoiding the need to reach up to ceiling mounted alarms to test

Positioning: Can be wall mounted or freestanding offering greater flexibility in positioning

Connected Home compatibility: Add a Smart RF Module to interlink with FS2126-T Smoke, SM-SN-1 Mains Smoke, FS1226-T Heat, HM-SN-1 Mains Heat and FS1326-T Carbon Monoxide Alarms.

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