FireAngel 10 Year Smart Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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SKU: FA3328-EUT1


  • 10 year life featuring a 10 year sealed for life lithium battery
  • Advanced electrochemical sensor calibrated and tested in CO gas
  • Wireless diagnostics to a smart phone via SYNC-ITTM
  • Advanced data extraction capabilities NFC syncs with the Cloud to provide all device data in customer portfolio
  • Intelligent sensing algorithm, increases sensing rate on detection of low level CO.
  • Night time sensing provides reduced heartbeat intensity and auto ʻsleep easyʼ chirp silencing
  • Memory function ‒ visual indication of previous alarm activation
  • Ventilate ʻPre-alarmʼ warning: Low level monitoring function
  • Prominent visual alarm notification LED Heartbeat intensity automatically reduces at night time
  • Quiet test function supports discreet testing at a lower volume when compared to standard CO alarms
  • Integrated mounting plate with single-point fixing
  • Auto-activation upon installation

Approvals: KM 551504, BS EN 50291-1: 2018, BS EN 50291-2: 2019


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