Honeywell Home R100C-1 Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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In England and Wales, a CO alarm is only mandatory if a solid fuel burning appliance, e.g. wood or coal, is installed.

In Scotland and Northern Ireland from October 2013, a CO alarm became mandatory when any type of fuel burning appliance is installed or replaced in a new or existing home. A CO alarm is also mandatory if a “flue in void” situation is present, where the flue cannot be adequately inspected.

EN50291 defines the CO level at which the device must and must not go into alarm. The higher the CO concentration, the quicker the device will give an alarm. This is based on the fact that the poisoning impact of CO is determined by CO concentration and exposure time.

  • 50 ppm: Alarm between 60 and 90 minutes
  • 100 ppm: Alarm between 10 and 40 minutes
  • 300 ppm: Alarm within 3 minutes


  • Red “ALARM” for the deaf or hearing-impaired
  • Sleep easy with Do Not Disturb mode at night
  • Reduced sound levels for testing
  • Super slim design
  • Easy touch button
  • IP44 grade water & dust proof
  • Alarm memory (end user)
  • End-of-life signal
  • Fault hush
  • Alarm hush
  • Tamper-proof
  • 10 year lifespan
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Complies with EN50291-1:2018 EN50291-2:2019

Visual Indicators

  • Power: Green LED
  • Alarm: Red LED - large text message
  • Fault: Yellow LED

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