Honeywell Home 10 year Combined Smoke & Heat Alarm

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Honeywell Home heat and smoke alarms are designed for all types of residential property, including leisure accommodation, guest houses and caravans.

Fires can also breakout at night, making reliable detectors and alarms essential to alert homeowners when they’re less likely to notice danger themselves.

  • Alarm memory
  • 10 year lifespan / warranty
  • Super slim smoke alarm design
  • End-of-life signal
  • Alarm hush for 10 minutes
  • Fault hush for 9 hours
  • Tamper-proof optional
  • The interconnected alarms to assure one-go-all-go feature - R200S-N, R200S-H, R200ST-N only
  • High decibel alarm (no need for caps)
  • Automatic self-test
  • Do not disturb mode at night (Smoke)

Approvals & Standards

CE / Q Label / NF / SBSC / VdS / EN 14604:2005 + AC:2008 / UKCA / EN 62368-1:2014 / Kitemark / BS 5446-2:2003 / B-Mark

Datasheet & Installation Guide

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