Mains Powered Optical Smoke Alarm RF

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Mains powered smoke alarm device with wireless interlink and battery back-up.

Red LED flashes every 48 second for normal operation.

Green LED shows mains power on.

Low Battery Indication: A short acoustic “beep” will sound and LED flash every 48 seconds when the voltage is below 2.85V. In this stage it will continue for minimum 30 days, and can drive the alarm for 4 minutes.

Sound Pattern: Fire alarm condition is indicated by a series of three successive tones.

Visible Indicators: A red LED is used to indicate the following conditions:

  • fire alarm condition is indicated by a flash every 0.5 second
  • smoke sense speed up is indicated by a flash every 2 seconds when the smoke level is at the alarm threshold
  • normal operation is indicated by a flash every 48 seconds
  • a green LED is used to show the alarm is powered by mains supply

The Smoke alarm includes a push button switch built into the top of the alarm for easy access.

The pushbutton has the following functions:

  • set up - press the button to start sending out a specific house code to the others alarms
  • hush – during an alarm condition this immediately silences the alarm when pressed. When the button is released, the alarm remains silenced for 10 minutes
  • test – when not in alarm the sounder can be activated to provide a sensor OK test function. While the button is pressed, the audible and visible indicators are activated if the sensor is OK

Designed for installation in private homes. The alarm can be mounted on top of a conduit box or on the ceiling with the enclosed base. This alarm can be connected with other alarms from the CAVIUS Wireless alarm family or function as a stand alone alarm. Top cover designed for easy to access vacuum cleaner nozzle.

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