Quantum Wired Slimline Smart Thermostat

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The SQ610 Quantum is a ZigBee temperature controller for wireless control of iT600 series devices, such as the KL08RF wiring centre, mini TRV head, RX10RF boiler control module.
In order to control SQ610 over the Internet or via the SALUS Smart Home mobile app (ONLINE mode), it must be installed together with the UGE600 Internet gateway (sold separately). From the application level, it is possible to pair SQ610 with other system elements, e.g. Smart Plug SPE600, Smart Relay SR600 or window/door sensor OS600/SW600.
SQ610 can be used locally without an Internet connection (OFFLINE mode), however, it’s communication with other devices must be done using the CO10RF coordinator (sold separately).

THERMOSTAT SQ610 Quantum can work without Universal Gateway or CO10RF Coordinator as a standalone device.


  • ZigBee protocol
  • Thickness outside the wall 10mm
  •  230V power supply
  • Large LCD screen
  • Humidity sensor
  • Programmable - daily, weekly or 5/2
  • Hysteresis ± 0.5 and 0.25
  • Class IV ERP
  • Dry contact or 230V contact outputs
  • ITLC (Internal Temperature Load Compensation)
  • 2 contacts for presence sensor or external sensor / floor sensor
  • Internal relay - Breaking capacity: 3 (1) A
  • Control from the Smart Home app
  • Heating / Cooling mode
  • Operates with UG600 Gateway or independently
  • 5 Year Warranty

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