Scottish Legislation Compliant Basic Smoke & Heat Alarm Pack by FireAngel

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Smart RF Interlink Technology

This is the basic kit for a two storey building enabling smoke alarms to be fitted on both floors (hall & landing) and a Heat Alarm in the kitchen.

You can add to this kit by purchasing associated Smoke, Heat or Carbon Monoxide Alarms and a Smart RF Radio Module for each device

This kits includes:-

2 - FS2126-T Smoke Alarms

1 - FS1226-T Heat Alarm

3 - FS1521W2-T Smart RF Radio Modules

How to Learn-in

Install Alarm 1 as described in the product manual (see 'Hardwire Installation'). Install the base plate for Alarm 2 in one of the recommended locations.

1. Using a ballpoint pen briefly push and release the 'learn button' on the back of Alarm 2. The red LED next to the learn button will flash briefly then light up for approximately 5 seconds.

2. During these 5 seconds you need to briefly press the test button on Alarm 1 to wirelessly interlink the two alarms. Alarm 1 will give an audible sound consisting of two cycles of three loud beeps.

3. The red LED on the wireless module of Alarm 2 will flash to indicate that it has been ‘learned-in’ successfully. If the test button is not pressed quickly enough, the ‘learn-in’ process will fail. If this happens, repeat the process.

To complete the installation, fit Alarm 2 onto its base plate. Additional alarms should be ‘learned-in’ in the same way. When ‘learning-in’ additional alarms, any alarm already in the network, can be used as ‘Alarm 1’. You do not have to ‘learn-in’ to every alarm in the network.

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